Hi everyone, Welcome to my blog. I’ve recently joined a journey in Journal making shared by many across the whole world. In company with members of a group called Be Creative we are making a journal for the two months of summer. Each day we will receive a prompt provided by Myfanwy . This started today, 1st July, 2014. The idea is to use whatever media you prefer, be it, paint, fabric, ink, pencil, words and make it your own. If you are interested to join us explore and expand your creativity please apply to join us at Summer Journal

The first prompt, prompt 1 is to take a few minutes to yourself somewhere where you can listen to the sounds around you. Record these in your journal. Develop them as you feel.

I have started, simply by writing a list of those sounds as I sat in my garden for fifteen minutes this morning. These are written on index cards but will be transferred to fabric. My journal begins with ‘A Few Lines For Summer’

Enjoy 🙂


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