EXCITEMENT for 2015 and onwards !

Exciting times ahead as we all try to set new goals for the year ahead.
I wonder what you have chosen? My main goal is to STRIVE to improve in all aspects of my life and to be able to use this in my creativity. Fabric Art, jewellery design and poetry are my main areas of chosen creativity. I intend to add to these by striving to do something different this year. My first attempt choice is tapestry weaving.

So far I’ve warped up a children’s weaving loom found at a local Charity shop. I then found some inexpensive wool and acrylic mix which I’ve started to play with. I’ll post my attempts when I’ve achieved two inches or 5cms 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you all with your goals and journeys along the way 🙂


10 thoughts on “EXCITEMENT for 2015 and onwards !

  1. How are you getting on with your goals Hazel? I love the weaving, did you do any more?

    1. I just found your comment Julie. Thank you but this month seems to have flown by with all these Bank Holidays and the birth of my first grandchild, Ezra Daniel, a beautiful baby boy, three weeks early. The weaving loom is patiently awaiting my return and I’m getting itchy fingers to get back to it with designs and translation of natural scenes swirling in my head. I’ve decided to start a design journal just for the weaving so I don’t lose them. Currently I’m knitting a baby jumper and hooded jacket, whilst on the sewing side I’ve made a cot bed quilt. I have some sheets and low loft quilt to do before I turn to the patchwork group I’m starting up. Thoroughly enjoying the sorting of fabrics. I also have half tent stitch canvas work to do for a couple of footstools on my list, using the materials from yourself. Growing herbs is my new goal achieved. I think you will agree I am blessed this year, Julie. When I catch up there will be some more posts to follow. Thank you. I hope you have achieved your Church project goals?

      1. Hi Hazel, life is certainly exciting for you this year. Ezra Daniel is a beautiful name, I bet he’s going to bring lots of joy to your ? Sorry you lost me with the Church project goals and materials – have you confused me with someone else? I did the postcard swap with you recenty Hazel x

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